“A Five-Star Classic”

In over 30 years, RT Book Reviews has awarded
5 stars to only 25 books, distinguishing each as
“a totally unique reading experience.”
Miracles is one of them.

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Test pilot Sam Reese survived the crash of his plane, but it’s still up for grabs whether he’ll survive the strange and astonishing results of his brush with death. When he picks Bourner’s Crossing, Michigan, population 213, as a likely place to hide out and lick his wounds, he doesn’t plan on getting the hots for the local nurse midwife. . . .  Sexy, nurturing Kate Morgan sees straight through the cracks in Sam’s shattered armor, and she aches to give him the compassion and tenderness his tortured soul needs, if only he’ll let her. If only she can show him that, no matter how far or fast he runs, he can’t escape fate—or love.

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Awards . . .

  • RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award
  • Finalist, Romance Writers of America Favorite Book of the Year Award
  • Finalist, Romance Writers of America Rita Award

Reviews and Accolades . . .

  • “A dazzling display of imaginative plotting, intense emotional drama, and sheer excellence in writing.”
  • ~ Melinda Helfer, RT Book Reviews

  • “A 5 Star Classic . . . this remarkable, tender romance soared into the realm of the extraordinary, touching chords so deep within readers as to elicit shivers and tears of joy. . . . Mary Kirk is a true miracle worker.”
  • ~ Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews

  • “Don’t miss Miracles by Mary Kirk . . . very special…”
  • ~ Kathryn Falk, Founder & CEO RT Book Reviews

  • “A love story with real power—psychological, emotional and spiritual.  Miracles is a book of hope and healing.” 
  • ~ Mary Jo Putney, award-winning, best-selling author

  • “Mary Kirk writes emotionally powerful tales of life and love and human nature.”
  • ~ Patricia Rice, award-winning, best-selling author